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We are very excited to launch our new 8 week challenge beginning July 24th, 2023.


$200 Start Up!

​To sign up to the challenge all members pay a one time $200 sign up fee to get started and this includes:


  • TGF Branded Challenge T-Shirt

  • My Supplement Store $80 Voucher!

  • All Inclusive Restaurant, Lunch & Drinks package in a Celebration Event at the end of the 8 Weeks!

It's Your Challenge, Your Journey!




Show your Interest:


Introduction to the TGF 8 Week Challenge

Welcome to our second TGF 8 week challenge! We are very excited to assist you on your journey to committing and accomplishing your 2023 goals within the health space. This Challenge will run different to our last one! It's YOUR challenge and Your Journey!


This challenge works with all budgets and time restraints. All you have to do is start up, get your included packages and then pick your coach!

Choose one of our amazing PT's to support you on your journey. Each PT will work with you all individually to assess what your particular goal will be and what you want to achieve in this challenge. Our PT's have different options and prices of PT sessions, whether it be a one on one, a group class or a program made specially for you to follow! Pick your PT and discuss your options and work towards that goal!


What is your goal?

Your goal should be something that you have always wanted to achieve but never had the resources or guidance to accomplish it. With our highly experienced and professional trainers/health professionals, we aim to assist you with all goals regardless of their size or impact. So give it a go!


What is it all for?

This 8 week challenge is designed for you to reach your goal, whatever that may be. Nutrition, Rehabilitation, Powerlifting, Cardio, Strength, Weight loss, overall fitness and more! This is your challenge, your journey!

Enquire within today! We can't wait to begin this journey with you in 2023!​



When does the challenge begin?

The challenge starts on the 24th of July 2023.

What trainer should I work with?

This will depend on your goals as well as preference. If you are unsure of which trainer is best suited to your goals, come chat to Lauren at reception & she can help you decide. Or, alternatively take a look at our team page on the website and find all the info you need on all our trainers.

What if I am new to the gym, and want some privacy?

We want to offer all our members the chance to feel comfortable in our space and with their training. We can offer one on one sessions in our classroom spaces while no one is around to make you feel comfortable and safe. Once you're then ready, you can join our classes and gym floor.

I'd love to join - How do I sign up?

Register your interest below or come see Lauren at reception! 

My partner would like to join too, do they need to train with the same trainer as me?

No. You can choose different trainers if you don't want to train together for the two weekly sessions. If you want to train together for the two sessions, you will need to pick the same trainer.



A Leaner, Meaner, Confident new you.


Quality Health, Fitness and Nutrition Habits.


A Strong Mind, Body and Spirit.

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